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Aldergrove: Sun Rayz Tanning Studios

Smart Tanning

Indoor Tanning, for individuals who can tan, is an intelligent way to minimize the risk of contracting sunburn while maximizing the enjoyment and benefits of having a tan. We call this SMART TANNING because tanners are taught by a trained and certified salon representative how their skin type reacts to sunlight and how to avoid sunburn outdoors, as well as in a salon.

Tanning in a professional facility today minimizes risk because commercial tanning salons in the United States and in most Canadian provinces are regulated by the government. In the United States, exposure times for every tanning session are established by a schedule present on every piece of equipment that takes into account the tanner's skin type and intensity of the equipment to deliver a dosage of sunlight designed to minimize the risk of sunburn. The schedule, regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, also takes into account how long an individual has been tanning, increasing exposure times gradually to minimize the possibility of burning.

That kind of control is impossible outdoors, where variables including seasonality time of day, weather conditions, reflective surfaces, and altitude all make outdoor tanning a random act and sunburn prevention more difficult.

Protecting your Eyes

Clients always ask us if they need to wear goggles while they tan. The answer is simple. ABSOLUTELY!

Eyelids block less than 25% of harmful UV rays, so closing your eyes is not protecting you from the UVA and UVB rays from a tanning bed.

Red, itchy, or watery eyes may be an indication of short-term damage- your eyes may have been sunburned!

Repeated exposure will reduce night vision, diminish color perception, and increase your probability of Brunescent cataracts. Surgery is the only cure for cataracts.

All clients need a pair of eyewear before they can tan. Eyewear comes in many different colors, so you can have more than one pair depending on your mood!

While some tanning salons provide eyewear in each sunroom, Sun Rayz Tanning Studios does not because eye diseases can still be passed between clients if the eyewear is not properly cleaned. Some people say sharing eyewear is like sharing a toothbrush - you wouldn't do that would you!

Without Protection With Protection



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