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Aldergrove: Sun Rayz Tanning Studios


Sun Rayz Tanning Studios carry a complete line of the highest quality tanning products that will enable our clients to obtain the most optimal tanning results while tanning in the finest beds.

Why do you need a lotion?
70% better results are derived from your tanning session when using a lotion that is bio-engineered for indoor tanning beds. The lotion keeps the skin moist during the session and helps with opening the power and magnifying your UV exposure to let the UV light get deep into your skin to produce as much melanin as possible.

Tanning products help the tanning process for three key reasons: Magnification, Moisturization, and Skin Conditioning

Tanning Lotion Levels:

Level 1


Our Level 1 lotions are specifically designed to help you start the tanning process. Level 1 lotions quickly help you create that beautiful glow while carefully maintaining your skin's natural moisture. The lotion's ingredients restore and revitalize your skin as you tan, so you will immediately enjoy your great looking golden tan!

Level 2

After establishing your great tan foundation with our Level 1 products, you can break through to the next level with our great variety of Level 2 products. Our lotions are formulated with scientifically proven tanning ingredients, which provide you with the deepest, darkest tan imaginable!

Level 3

Our Level 3 products are perfect for all tanners. No expense was spared in creating these premium blends for the most discriminating customers. Choose between a wide variety of tanning products to find the premium blend that is just right for you. Our lotions are loaded with complexes to help any tanner achieve their maximum tanning potential, and diminish wrinkles, help you look younger and reload your skin with essential vitamins, antioxidants and hydrating elements.

Level 4


Moisturize daily with our Level 4 products. They keep your skin glowing and healthy looking in between tans. Packed with antioxidants and natural vitamins, our Level 4 products keeps your skin looking and feeling great, while keeping a tan long after your last tanning session. These moisturizers are designed for tanners, and include many vitamins and ingredients not found in regular moisturizers.

Level 5

Skin Care:

Use our specialty products daily to protect from over exposure and for healthier, younger looking skin. We offer a variety of skin care products, including sunless tanners and face creams.



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